Ours – Precious Credits

Performed by:  Jimmy Gnecco + Race + Dave Milone + Anthony DeMarco + Ethan Johns.  A&R:  Michael Goldstone. Art Direction and Design:  Jason Noto.  Photos:  Dean Karr.  Band Photos:  Karyn Maginity.  Produced and Mixed by:  Ethan Johns.  Engineered by:  Steven Rhodes.  “Realize” and “Leaves” Mixed by Ed Thacker.  Production Assisstant:  Ivy Skoff.  Master by Tom Baker for Precision Mastering.  Backing Vocals on “Places”:  Zoe Bonham. Thank you Zoe.  Studios:  Tracked at Ocean, assisted by Dean Nelson and Bob Breen.  Overdubbed and Mixed at Sound Factory, assisted by Craig Conard, Kevin Dean, Nathan Burden.  “Realize” and “Leaves” Mixed at Bay 7 Studios, assisted by Jun.

All Songs Written by Jimmy Gnecco and Published © 2002 Sony/ATV songs LLC/Miseryhead Music (BMI) except “In A Minute” and “Femme Fatale.  + “In A Minute” Written by Dave Milone and Published © 2002 Get Your Hands Outta My Pocket People Publishing (ASCAP)/Sony/ATV Songs LLC (BMI).  + “Femme Fatale” Written by Lou Reed and Published by Screen Gems-EMI Music, Inc/Oakfield Avenue Music Ltd. (BMI).  Lyrics Reprinted by Permission.  All Rights Reserved.